Allendale Terrace

Allendale Terrace is one of the best neighborhoods in St. Petersburg. It’s highly sought after because it checks many important boxes.

  • It’s in a great location
  • It feels very safe
  • There are good school options
  • Many people think it’s a great neighborhood for raising families


Allendale Terrace sits in a perfectly balanced location.

It’s only a few minutes from downtown, and the beach is a relatively short drive away.

Of course this varies and depends on the beach, day and time, but you can usually reach nearby beaches in about twenty minutes.

Saint Petersburg’s pier and the Tampa Bay waterfront are also very close and offer good opportunities for boating.

If you put in some effort you may even be able to use the public transportation system.

Neighborhood Description

Many people believe that neighborhoods have personalities. If I had to describe Allendale Terrace, I’d say that it feels well-established, confident and warm.

It’s not stepford-wife perfect, but it offers a lovely sense of settled balance.

Unlike cookie-cutter, stucco subdivisions, houses in Allendale Terrace tend to have strong character.

Almost all of the houses are single-story with bungalow-style roof lines.

Most were built in the early to mid-1900s. Some are from the 1920s, when St. Petersburg was founded. Most are from the 1950s or 1970s.

There is newer construction sprinkled throughout the streets.

Some houses, especially older ones, sit on multiple lots. I have seen some on a half acre, which is unusual for St. Petersburg’s urban environment.

Houses in Allendale Terrace feel unique. Enough years have passed for the houses to turn into homes and reflect their families’ individual personalities.

Renovations have changed little things here and there. Vines and Spanish Moss have woven themselves into mature shade trees. Gardens have grown to suit their gardener’s tastes.

Inside, Allendale Terrace houses tend to be well-loved. Some still have real, original wood floors. Stairs and banisters have real imperfections, from real families who lived there.

Decades have turned them into warm family homes, and Allendale Terrace into a warm neighborhood.

New Construction

Some older houses have been demolished to make room for new construction. In keeping with Florida real estate trends, new houses tend to be larger and multi-story, compared to the original homes.

The newer houses generally blend into the neighborhood well, but tend to be multi-story.

Some have ADUs, or accessory dwelling units.

ADU is a technical zoning term for what many people call a garage apartment or carriage house. They’re also called granny pads, or mother-in-law suites.

They won’t appeal to everyone, but I think these garage apartments are an incredibly useful feature.

They can be used for so many things; aging parents, multi-generational housing, a dedicated office, or just extra space.

Garage apartments can be great side-hustle opportunities to earn extra income. That can help offset rising house prices and the rising cost of living in Florida, especially St. Petersburg. If you do it right, a garage apartment could help offset many of your housing costs.

Allendale Park

Allendale Terrace has a small, but nice park in the southern end of the neighborhood. It’s called Allendale Park and is shaped like a crescent moon.

Allendale Park has grassy areas and a large, mature shade trees. There is a small creek which runs through it, which may flood during heavy rains.

It’s maintained by the City of St. Petersburg. That’s a great benefit because residents enjoy the park without an HOA fee or amenity costs.

There’s not much else to say about Allendale Park, except that it’s very pleasant.

It’s green, peaceful and a nice place to walk dogs, read a book, or just get out of the house. Like the rest of the neighborhood, it’s modest, homey and well-kept.


Most houses in Allendale Terrace have their own driveway. Some even added wraparound, drive-through driveways. I mention this because some nearby neighborhoods have limited parking, especially towards downtown. So, driveways are a good feature to look for.

The Allendale Terrace neighborhood is small, tight-knit and friendly.

There’s a strong sense of neighborhood pride and community. People keep their yards and driveways clean. Gardens are well-loved and well-kept.


Allendale Terrace loves holidays and celebrations.

Especially for Christmas and Halloween, people go through great effort to decorate for holidays.

People drive from far away to see Halloween decorations, admire Christmas lights and enjoy holiday parties. It’s not quite on-par with Old Northeast, but few places are.

Unlike many areas around the country, there are actually trick-or-treaters in this area.

Good things about Allendale Terrace

When you imagine an idyllic neighborhood, that’s Allendale Terrace. Between the well-kept houses and beautiful oak trees, it feels like something out of a movie.

Allendale Terrace has easy access to most necessities. There are several grocery stores within easy walking distance, including Publix and Winn Dixie. There are also nearby parks and libraries.

There’s a nice selection of top-rated dentists and doctors nearby. For culture and events, downtown St. Petersburg is only a few minutes away. Highway 275 is also easily accessible.

Like parking and driveways, proximity to the highway is important. Highway 275 is the main artery for St. Pete and helps reduce drive times for just about everything.

Allendale Terrace does not have any sort of HOA fees or regulations.

Bad things about Allendale Terrace

As is true with many of the best places to live in Florida, the cost of living can be high. House prices, and all related costs– rent, mortgage, insurance, taxes, maintenance– are all high. Wages tend to be lower than the rest of the country.

Charm and character comes at a cost.

Have you ever driven on a brick-lined street while you’re late for work? Maybe with a hot, desperately needed coffee in your hand? I have. Thoughts will come to mind. They won’t be “Aren’t these cobblestone streets just so quaint? So much Character!”

Houses in Allendale Terrace are beautiful, old, unique and filled with personality.

They are also filled with termites, ancient plumbing and outdated electrical systems. Previous owners may have used questionable taste while doing renovations. You might wish they’d have just left the avocado formica.

Do you love DIY, hiring contractors or project management? If not, you might reconsider the wisdom of buying an antique house.

There are a few busy roads which run through Allendale Terrace. They bring traffic and road noise into the community, but those effects are generally limited to the streets themselves. People don’t tend to use Allendale Terrace streets as thoroughfares.

Some people might dislike the lack of an HOA structure. It gives more freedom for people to express their own tastes. That can be good, or bad. My recommendation? Know thyself.

As is common with older neighborhoods, some residents are aging in place. As they age, they may be less able to meticulously care for their homes, even if they want to. So, as time passes, the older character of this neighborhood may decline aesthetically.

Similar Neighborhoods

If you like the look and feel of Allendale Terrace you might also consider Crescent Lake, North Kenwood and Woodlawn