Sailing Movies

Sailors always want be on the water. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible; especially today. Sailing books, movies and stories help us waterlovers survive until our next adventure.

I made this list of resources I’ve found over the years. I hope you enjoy them! Please tell me if you think I should add something. I appreciate feedback and will try to update the page from time to time.

Sailing Movies

Sailing movies are powerful because they can transport us away from our normal lives. We become immersed in a powerful story, which feeds our imaginations. Storytelling is already a fundamental and powerful part of humanity. Cinema builds upon that because it engages so many parts of our brains and senses. Not everyone agrees with me, but I think that movies are an important ingredient for creativity, happiness and imagination. Some of these movies are based on true stories. Others are fiction, and some are in-between.

Captain Ron

Captain Ron is one of my favorite sailing movies of all time! It’s so fun to watch, and perfectly captures many aspects of the sailing and cruising lifestyle. This link is a full version, it works from time to time. If this link is not working please let me know so I can update it. Enjoy!

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Sailing Documentaries

I made a separate page for sailing documentaries. These are generally based on true stories and true seafaring adventures. Some of these documentaries are free, almost all can be watched for free in some way or another.

Sailing Books

Sailing books have beeen an important part of my life; I’ve read bookshelves worth of them.

Although I generally prefer paper books over electronic, I’m open-minded to the benefits of e-readers. I generally only read e-books on my Kindle Paperwhite. I really like it because the battery life is incredible, even though it is more than 5 years old now. I also love the ability to read at night with its backlight, and I find that my eyes do not get tired while readingit.

I also appreciate the ability to read countless books on one tiny device. I try to maintain a minimalist lifestyle because it serves my vaues of freedom, travel and non-attachment. I’ve also tried to adopt the “book list” mentality I learned from Teresa Carey, and make good use of library memberships.

Many of these are free sailing books around the internet. Some are free because they’re out of print; others are free because their authors have released them at no cost. Some are compiled into traditional book form; others may be electronic book form.

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Sailing Podcasts

I am a huge fan of podcasts. I love them because they completely engage my brain, and I always come away from them feeling inspired. I also love that I can listen to them while I’m driving, doing dishes, or any other “mindless” activity. I generally try to listen to podcasts and interviews at a custom speed which matches the content. Many of these podcasts are fantastic jumping-off-points to find other great informatin!

Sailing Blogs and Websites

The internet is filled with independent sailing websites, blogs and resources. Unfortunately, they’re very scattered, and many gems are hidden, or lost completely. At one time, it was common to list other useful resources. That’s not so common any more, which is a shame. If you know of a resource which should be included, please let me know.

Featured Image is courtesy of Daniel Kuruvilla via Unsplash