Gulfport is a quaint, quiet little beach town that offers the best of all worlds.

Gulfport is conveniently close to downtown St. Petersburg, but tucked away and out of the direct chaos. It’s only minutes away from multiple world-class Gulf of Mexico beaches.

Plus, it sits on the beautiful Boca Ciega Bay and has its own beach and waterfront with a yacht club and a cute downtown area.

Gulfport is beloved by its residents, and many people clamor to live there. It is home to many artists and free-thinkers, and is one of the last remnants of small beach town culture in Florida.

Things to do in Gulfport

  • Kayaking on Boca Ciega Bay
  • Sailing
  • Exploring Williams Pier
  • Sunbathing or playing volleyball on Gulfport’s modest beach
  • Exploring the many things to do around Saint Petersburg and the high number of nearby beaches
  • Eating at the numerous bars and restaurants in Gulfport
  • Exploring cute boutique shops and art studios
  • Dance at the waterfront “Casino” which offers dancing and social life, but not gambling
  • Fishing off of the public fishing pier
  • Exploring Clam Bayou Nature Preserve

Williams Fishing Pier

The Williams Pier is a 500-foot pier extending out into Boca Ciega Bay. It is free and open for public use. Fishing is allowed and there are facilities for cleaning fish.

Clam Bayou Nature Preserve

There is a lovely city park beside the municipal marina called Clam Bayou Nature Preserve. It has a network of walking paths and a large hill in the middle that rises above the surrounding area. Many forms of wildlife can be found in the park, especially birds. There are several osprey nests and baby ospreys can sometimes be seen from the ground.

Visitors should bring mosquito/noseeum repellent and be prepared for insects, especially during hot summer months.

There is a kayak launch in Clam Bayou which offers convenient kayak access to Boca Ciega Bay.

The beach in Gulfport

The beach directly in Gulfport is not the best in the area. It is fine for sunbathing and enjoying the waterfront, but it is not recommended for swimming or a serious beach-day.

The beach in Gulfport does not open to the Gulf of Mexico, but rather into the Boca Ciego Bay, which is a protected harbor and does not have as clean of water as the nearby Gulf of Mexico.

Parking in Gulfport

Parking is usually easy to find in Gulfport.