Treehouse Spring

Treehouse Spring is a spring near High Springs, Florida. It’s one of many springs on the Santa Fe River, and is designated as an Outstanding Florida Spring. 

Treehouse Spring was once a first magnitude spring, but has suffered from reduced water flow in recent years. 

The water flow in Treehouse Spring is drastically reduced because of over pumping and damage to the Florida Aquifer, due to mismanagement.

Treehouse Spring Details

Treehouse Spring is a popular local swimming spot. There may be a rope swing on the east side of the spring. The spring flows westward into the Santa Fe River.

The water  may be either clear or tannic, depending on current water flow conditions. 

Tannins are natural, organic chemicals found in many plants. Tannins are also found in natural tea leaves, which is what gives tea its light brown coloring.

The land surrounding Treehouse Spring is privately owned. The land is natural and is not developed.

The spring pool diameter measures 125 ft north to south and 175 ft east to west. The spring pool is 31 ft deep when measured over the vent.

There is an underwater cave system inside and under Treehouse Spring. It is said to be connected to Darby and Hornsby Springs via the underwater cave systems. Both springs are very close, and are just to the west of Treehouse Spring.

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The cave system is also said to be connected to O’leno State Park and River Rise.

Land adjacent to Treehouse Spring is a lowland river floodplain. It is heavily forested with pines and hardwood.

Treehouse Spring is also known as ALA112971.

Former First Magnitude Springs

Treehouse Spring was once a first magnitude spring.

It was one of many first magnitude springs along the Santa Fe River which stopped flowing. 

The springs are being damaged because too much water is being pumped out of the aquifer.


Treehouse Spring, and the Santa Fe River are both vulnerable to high levels of nitrate pollution

Nitrate pollution comes from nearby industrial agriculture facilities and septic tank discharge. The Santa Fe River and local springs are affected by algae and an invasive exotic water plant called water hyacinth.

Outstanding Florida Spring

Treehouse Spring is designated as an Outstanding Florida Spring, meaning that it is a valuable, irreplaceable and unique natural resource which should be protected.

Nearby Cities

  • Gainesville
  • High Springs


Central Florida


  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Swimming

Related Spring Group

Santa Fe River Springs

Contact Information

There is no contact information for Treehouse Spring. Additional information may be obtained through the Florida Springs Institute.

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Local Outfitters:

  • Santa Fe Canoe Outpost: (386) 454-2050
  • Rum 138: (386) 454 4247


Treehouse Spring is located in a round section on the southeast side of the Santa Fe River, east of the Highway 41 bridge. It is located approximately 2 miles north of High Springs, and is only accessible by boat.

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