Redington Beach

Redington Beach is a small, residential beach town in Pinellas County. Redington Beach is an upscale, exclusive community and has approximately 2,000 residents.

Redington Beach is located just north of Madeira Beach. The next community to the north of Redington Beach is North Redington Beach.

Redington Beach is a quiet area and is filled with condos and private residential homes.

Unlike other nearby beaches which have large hotels, resorts, restaurants and other commercial activity, there are very few attractions or amenities for tourists or visitors.

The beach in Redington Beach is mostly used by people who live in the nearby community because parking is so difficult to find.

Redington Beach is often less crowded than other beaches in Pinellas County.

Beach Description

The beaches in Redington Beach are generally narrow and are approximately 100 feet wide.

The beaches are uncrowded due to the lack of parking, which makes it almost impossible for the general public to access the beach.

There is one small patch of parking at the Redington Beach Town Park.

This area of beach is served by the Suncoast Beach Trolley. The trolley is a nice alternative to driving to avoid the hassle and almost impossible task of finding legal parking.

Dogs are not allowed on the beaches in Redington Beach.

Good Things about Redington Beach

  • Not usually crowded
  • The beaches are very nice

Bad Things about Redington Beach

  • Parking is very difficult to find
  • There are not any amenities for public beach-goers.
  • Dogs are not allowed