Royal Springs

Royal Springs is a popular spring and swimming hole in Suwannee County, Florida.

Royal Springs is set inside a Suwannee County park on the north shores of the Suwannee River. The park covers approximately 5 acres. 

The spring is a popular destination for local visitors, and visitors from around Florida. It is a very popular spot for swimming and scuba diving.

Royal Springs Details

The spring basin of Royal Spring forms a large pool, approximately 160 feet by 105 feet. The depth varies according to aquifer levels and rainfall, but is generally approximately 42 feet deep.

There is a spring run which flows from Royal Spring into the Suwannee River. The spring run is occasionally dry, and sometimes flows, depending on water levels.

Royal Springs sits in a basin, surrounded by high walls, approximately 25 feet high. The walls are composed of clay and limestone. Visitors should be careful to avoid dangerous drop offs, and maintain close supervision and control of children and pets.

Royal Springs is surrounded by a county-owned forest and river corridor associated with the Suwannee River.

Royal Springs County Park

Royal Springs County Park has land-based amenities, including wooden observation decks, charcoal BBQ grills, picnic tables and open spaces for recreational activities. 

There is also a one-lane boat concrete boat ramp with access to the Suwannee River.

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There are portable restrooms on-site, but there is not running water or electrical service in the park.

One of the most popular features of Royal Springs is a moderately tall jumping platform, made possible by Royal Springs’ depth of approximately 42 feet.

The jumping platform appears to be approximately 15 feet high, or so. There are other stair entries to the spring for anyone who prefers not to jump.

There are four viewing platforms around Royal Springs which have beautiful views down into the clear water.

The park has a small hiking trail which travels from Royal Spring down to the Suwannee River, and back. 

The trail is a .5 mile loop, and is shaped like a horseshoe. There is also a smaller, unmarked trail which traces the path of the spring run, which flows from Royal Spring into the Suwannee River.

​​Royal Springs is often uncrowded during the week, but can become crowded and hectic during summer weekends and holidays. 

There are sometimes complaints of guests playing loud music, consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes and generally being inconsiderate of other guests.

Scuba Diving at Royal Springs

Royal Springs is a popular destination for scuba diving and freediving.

There are wooden platforms to assist scuba divers as they mount their tanks and prepare to dive. There are also wooden boardwalks to assist water entry and to help prevent shoreline erosion.

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The depth of Royal Springs is reported to be approximately 42 feet, but the actual depth varies depending on water level conditions.

Water visibility is also variable and can become severely reduced when bottom sediment is disturbed.

Visibility can also be reduced to almost zero during “brown-out” conditions, or when the dark, tannic water of the Suwannee River mixes with the otherwise crystal-clear spring water.

There is a submerged wooden platform at the bottom of Royal Springs for SCUBA divers to use.

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