Sand Sculpting

Sand sculpture competitions in Florida are amazing, and are worth visiting!

The Basics of Sand Sculpting

  • Some professional sculptures can use 7 tons of sand
  • Sand sculpture competitions only use and and water
  • Sand moisture and surface tension from wet sand are the secret ingredients
  • You shouldn’t dig a hole on the beach because it can cause injuries and trap sea turtles
  • Sand castles can last for up to a week, and can even survive rain
  • Professional sand sculptors use giant molds for large sculptures
  • Amateurs can get great results from a 5-gallon bucket

There are a number of sand sculpting events in Florida, spread around the state. They are usually in the fall, winter and spring.

Most of the festivals last for 1-2 weeks, and have festivals around the events. Activities and details vary but they generally have arts and crafts, musical performances, food trucks and vendors, fireworks, sand sculpting classes, expert competitions, and more. They are great family events and are always fun to visit!

Sanding Ovations

Sugar Sand Festival

Siesta Key Crystal Classic

American Sandsculpting Championship

Sand Sculpting Classes

There are several options for sand castle lessons in Florida. Here are two of the best options:

Just Sand and Water for sand castle lessons in Key West

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Beach Sand Sculptures for sand castle lessons on beaches in the panhandle.