Hot Springs in Florida

Florida Hot Springs: Warm Mineral Springs

Hot springs in Florida — do they exist? Sort of. Florida is filled with thousands of natural springs, including three “Warm” springs. These are different than most hot springs around the world. They are not volcanic, and they have much lower water temperatures. They are often described as “Warm” springs, as opposed to “Hot springs”. … Read more

Warm Mineral Springs

Warm Mineral Springs in Florida with shade trees and lawn furniture

Warm Mineral Springs is a natural hot spring, inside an ancient sinkhole. The sinkhole is filled with warm, mineral-rich, geothermally heated water. The mineral-rich water is the main attraction for most visitors because it’s thought to have numerous health benefits. My family and I love visiting Warm Mineral Springs! My favorite thing is the fascinating … Read more

Devil’s Den Spring

Devil's Den Cavern in Williston Florida

Devil’s Den Spring is a natural spring located in central Florida. It’s a unique spot because it’s located inside an underground cavern. Devil’s Den is privately owned, and is operated as a SCUBA diving and snorkeling site. Warning! Unless you plan ahead and get lucky, the cavern will probably be crowded. It may not live … Read more