Florida Travel

Are you planning to visit Florida? 

We made a guide with our best Florida travel tips. We hope you find it useful, and please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions!

Our Best Travel Advice

People always ask, what’s our #1 Florida travel tip?

I almost always give the same answer, which is something I discovered after many years of travel, and life. Here it is:

Don’t fall victim to the “shoulds”!

The only thing you should do (besides being ethical, of course) is to enjoy yourself and your time. Be true to yourself, and your travel companions!

Choose a Good Time to Visit

Florida used to have dramatic high and low seasons. Winter was the busy main season, and Summer was the low season.

Now, Florida has become a year-round destination, with several peaks throughout the year.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in Florida lasts from June 1st until November 30th. Storms can occur outside of these dates, but this encompasses most of Florida’s hurricane activity.


There is a surge of visitors to Florida during spring break season. The spring break surge fluctuates based on school calendars, but generally covers the entire month of March and sometimes the weeks before and after March. Crowds and prices are very high during this time.


Summer is a very busy season in Florida due to family vacationers, who travel around summer vacation calendars. Beaches, springs and theme parks are all very crowded at this time. Visitors should be prepared for intense heat and humidity, and daily thunderstorms.


Fall in Florida is often hot and humid, with periodic cold-fronts that push down from the north. Early fall months are the most active time for major hurricanes. Rain storms are less frequent than during summer months, but temperatures and humidity are still high. Due to lingering heat and humidity, and increased hurricane risk, fall is the low-season for many destinations in Florida.


Winter is the peak “Snowbird season”, which lasts from approximately December until April or May. Florida’s weather is lovely at this time, and is usually sunny, cool, dry and pleasant. Crowds and prices will be at their highest during this time. Many events and festivals are held in winter months.

Shoulder Seasons

If you have flexibility, I always suggest visiting during the shoulder seasons of late spring (April-May) or fall (October-November).

These times often have smaller crowds and better deals on lodging. Hurricane activity is lower during these months, although the fall shoulder season still technically falls inside of hurricane season.

Pack Well for the Weather

Florida has extreme weather, and visitors are often caught off-guard.

The Florida peninsula is more than 400 miles long from north to south, which means that weather changes dramatically by region. It can be freezing and snowing in the panhandle, and a hot, humid 90 degrees in Miami.

We’ve found this packing list to be useful when traveling in Florida:

  • Lightweight, breathable clothing
  • A lightweight windbreaker shell
  • Warm weather clothing
  • Clothing to “dress in layers” which can be added or removed
  • Swimsuits and coverups for water parks or beach trips
  • Waterproof jacket or poncho for sudden rain
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses for sun protection
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Water shoes to protect feet during water activities

Note: It’s wise to be prepared for a wide variety of conditions!

Even if you visit in the hottest part of summer, it’s always a good idea to bring some warm clothes because indoor spaces are often kept very cold with air conditioning.

And, even in the coldest winter months, be prepared for hot, humid weather.

Explore Beyond the Obvious!

There are SO many things to do in Florida. If you have time, be sure to explore beyond the typical tourist attractions!

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